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Best Beard Styles

Best Beard Styles, Beards are incredible for rubbing when somewhere down in thought; they hinder the sun from blazing your face; they hide neck fat; and they recommend a life free from razor smolder. However, while facial hair may be a result of natural procedures, beards won't take a solid shape without a little offer assistance. Trimming, molding, blurring, cleaning, brushing and molding is all piece of the diversion and changes relying upon what style you need and sort of facial hair you were conceived with. There's nobody revise approach to have a beard, so we asked hairdressers from the n

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Best Beard Oils

Don't you simply hate it when flying creatures herd to your beard, on the off chance that it's some kind of bug haven? Yeah, that's a rhetorical question. Rather than dousing your face with toxic, stinky bug spray, you can basically utilize this beard oil that uses a pleasantly smelling cocktail of citronella, chamomile and black pepper to repulse insects. So what makes a beard oil good? Undoubtedly, a ton has to do with the aroma. The oil will live just beneath your nose, so it should be something you (and, pretty much as important, the person you're intimate with) actually appreciate. Here w

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6 Factors To Look At Before Buying Beard Trimmers

6 Factors To Look At Before Buying Beard Trimmers.   Here are 6 Factors To Look At Before Buying Beard Trimmers. Many people are faced with a big challenge when they are looked for the best beard trimmers that can fit well to their needs. This is because of availability of various types of beard trimmers that have different features that make them has a big challenge in trying to find the best one. This problem, however, becomes after one looking at several features that can make choose the best beard trimmers out of many that are found in the market. The following are some of the facto

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Anthony Fontes

Next up on the Groom Your Beard Q and A we have Beardilizer World Beard Champion and competitive bearder extraordinaire Anthony Fontes. We talk a lot about Anthony's beard adventure. From high school to a fully fledge beard World Champion, we find out where his beard has taken him and how he has used it to his advantage. This is a great one! Can you try to give our readers a bit of a background on yourself, a quick spill about what you do for a living and things you are into? I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel... It's true, I never really fit in anywhere. I gave up on caring enough to fit in back i

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Barbershop Beard

    Barbershop beard proudly present our Original Scent Beard Oil. Blended in Manchester using all natural produce and the finest essential oils. Our original scent beard oil will render your beard soft to the touch whist awarding it with a glossy shine and a crisp scent that matures throughout the day. ORIGINAL SCENT BEARD OIL 50ML / 1.7 FL.OZ £17.99 Barbershop beard proudly present our Original Scent Beard Oil. Blended in Manchester using all natural produce and the finest essential oils. The rich blend of sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

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Here at Groom Your Beard with think the question should be, why shouldn’t you grow a beard? The only reason you shouldn’t is if you CAN’T! We at Groom You Beard are going to help your quest to grow the perfect beard. Growing a beard take a lot of commitment and will test your resolve. Many will fail but if you succeed it will be an accomplishment you can tell your grandchildren about. You can proudly state ‘I have grown a beard’.

On a serious point if you decide to grow a beard, it isn’t as easy as just letting it grow but hopefully with the fun facts, tips and product advise you will find throughout the site. You will be able to enjoy this chapter in your life as a man, but make sure you… stay committed. If you already have a beard Groom Your Beard still has a lot to offer in the form of Product Review, dedicated Blog page, weekly Q and A’s with other beard wielders and of course all the products on our site come with the very own Groom Your Beard verdict and customer reviews.



1) It looks cool- That’s right! A well groomed and maintained beard looks the BOMB! It can also play a major part in your style arsenal. Dressing for the occasion and sporting a well groomed beard can give a sense of euphoria.

2) It’s a commitment- As a man you will know, we love to commit to build and take care of something. It’s in our nature! Whether it be a old classic car or building something with our manly tools. There is nothing better than showing off YOUR beard that YOU grew.

3) It’s better for your health- Facts are facts and having a beard can be better for your health believe it or not. Studies suggest beards help prevent skin cancer by blocking the sun ultraviolet rays, reduce allergies and prevents illness such as colds because it keeps your face warm.

4) Keeps you young- Having a beard does make you look older but it protects you from sun damage which in return keeps your skin much younger.

5) It attracts the opposite sex- Yes that’s correct a beard earns you massive man points when it comes to women. It’s in their DNA and men with beards are perceived as better fathers. Past studies have also found that men with beards look tougher, more aggressive, masculine and would be better lovers in the bedroom.

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