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Best Beard Styles

Best Beard Styles, Beards are incredible for rubbing when somewhere down in thought; they hinder the sun from blazing your face; they hide neck fat; and they recommend a life free from razor smolder. However, while facial hair may be a result of natural procedures, beards won’t take a solid shape without a little offer assistance. Trimming, molding, blurring, cleaning, brushing and molding is all piece of the diversion and changes relying upon what style you need and sort of facial hair you were conceived with. There’s nobody revise approach to have a beard, so we asked hairdressers from the nation over to weigh on what folks ought to be doing to develop, keep up, and tend to the most well known styles of facial hair. (more…)

Best Beard Oils

Best Beard Oils

Don’t you simply hate it when flying creatures herd to your beard, on the off chance that it’s some kind of bug haven? Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question. Rather than dousing your face with toxic, stinky bug spray, you can basically utilize this beard oil that uses a pleasantly smelling cocktail of citronella, chamomile and black pepper to repulse insects. So what makes a beard oil good? Undoubtedly, a ton has to do with the aroma. The oil will live just beneath your nose, so it should be something you (and, pretty much as important, the person you’re intimate with) actually appreciate. Here we take a look at what it take to make the best beard oils. (more…)

6 Factors To Look At Before Buying Beard Trimmers


6 Factors To Look At Before Buying Beard Trimmers.


Here are 6 Factors To Look At Before Buying Beard Trimmers. Many people are faced with a big challenge when they are looked for the best beard trimmers that can fit well to their needs. This is because of availability of various types of beard trimmers that have different features that make them has a big challenge in trying to find the best one. This problem, however, becomes after one looking at several features that can make choose the best beard trimmers out of many that are found in the market. The following are some of the factors to look at before buying the best beard trimmers. For more information on the best beard trimmers available please click here. (more…)

Anthony Fontes


Next up on the Groom Your Beard Q and A we have Beardilizer World Beard Champion and competitive bearder extraordinaire Anthony Fontes. We talk a lot about Anthony’s beard adventure. From high school to a fully fledge beard World Champion, we find out where his beard has taken him and how he has used it to his advantage. This is a great one! (more…)

Jez King


Next up on the Groom Your Beard Q and A is 41-year-old family man, Jez King from Eastbourne. We had the chance to catch up with the football mad Dad about what makes his beard tick. All with the useful tips and product advice our bearded brothers always provide. Hope you enjoy the read. (more…)

Mr Ticklers


Next up on the Groom Your Beard Product Review is Mr Ticklers Beard Oil. We take a look at their 3 powerful blends, Blackpepper & Grapefruit, Rosewood & Pine and Lime & Bergamot. All 3 have a very powerful and lasting scent that really give you the ‘wow factor’, so let’s take a closer look at each product before you give the Groom Your Beard Verdict. (more…)

The Barber Barber Experience


The Barber Barber Experience.

For Scoundrels & Gentlemen~

Barber Barber UK is a chain of traditional Gentlemen Saloon’s run by legendary barber Johnny ‘The BaBa’ Shanahan, with shops currently open in Manchester and Liverpool with Leeds opening in June 2015. Specialists in men’s hair cuts and beard grooming Barber Barber is one of the fastest growing barbershop brands in the world and offers it’s customers a unique laid-back experience.


Smoky Mountain Beard Co

smokey-mountain-beard-coNext up on the Groom Your Beard Product Review is Smoky Mountain Beard Co, based in North Georgia, USA. These guys are producing some top products, and we have had the great pleasure at taking a closer look at their Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Soap. You can find a little background on each product followed by a Groom Your Beard verdict to give you that ever so important consumer point of view.