Beard Grooming




You have your beard sitting proudly upon your face and you have earned many man points CONGRATULATIONS!

This page is designed into sections on Beard Grooming. Giving you access to must have information to making sure your beard looks as good as it can. Here you will find some great advice about trimming, grooming, brushing, cleaning and even colouring your beard.the-man-meter

Trimming- First step is obvious get yourself a beard trimmer! It may be obvious but a lot of men think using a beard trimmer defeats the object. They would be wrong, it is great trimming your beard around the edges with a pair of scissors and shaving your neckline with a razor but every so often your beard will need going over to the length of your desire. It gives your beard an even length and robust look rather than leaving it to grow wild, a bit like a well pruned Bonsai tree. We suggest taking a look at the selection of Beard Trimmers we have available on our Shop page, they come with official links and plenty of reviews so you can pick the one that suites you best.

Grooming- You have a well shaped, well maintain piece of art sitting proudly upon your face. Don’t stop there, treat yourself to a Beard Grooming kit, to give your beard that soft look and keeping it untangled. We suggest purchasing a brush with stiff bristles to help with coarse hair. You can find brushes, combs and Beard Grooming kits on our Shop page, they to come with official links and plenty of reviews so you can pick the ones that suites you best.

Cleaning- Just like your hair wash your beard regularly with shampoo and conditioner, this will give your beard the cleanliness and softness it deserves. We also recommend using moisturiser or a aftershave balm to keep your skin hydrated in and around your beard to prevent rashes and infection. We suggest taking a look at our Shop page for our selection of Shampoo and Conditioners, moisturisers and aftershave balms. As ever they all come with official link and customer reviews to help you chose the ones that suite you best.

Colouring- Now being men we suggest if it is grey let it grow gracefully, embrace your age! In the rare case you are thinking of dying it because your beard grows with different shades of browns and blacks or even blondes and you want and even colour then here are a few tips. Picking the colour is down to personal preference but make sure its the same colour as your hair, this will make sure that the dying of your beard isn’t obvious. Some cheap hair dyes contain ingredients that can irritate skin so make sure you do your research before you buy anything. As ever we have a selection of Hair Dyes available on our Shop page complete with customer reviews for piece of mind.

Which ever route you take and whatever products you go with make sure you look after your beard. If you want to show your manliness off please send us a picture to appear on our Beard Gallery page. It will also give other men visiting the site ideas on what to do with their beards which is what we are all here for. Don’t forget to check our our Blog page for recent news and articles, here we will have up to date product information including discounts and giveaways, we will also have great articles on other people’s beard tales, things like before and after pictures and week by week progress reports of men growing their beloved beards.