Beard Styles




Here you can find a selection of popular Beard Styles where you can find information on how to grow your very own. You can find out what styles celebrities are choosing, where each style originated, what age groups each beard style attracts and of course how to achieve the look you want. There are plenty more beard styles out the to choose but these are our favourite and most popular.

Short Boxed BeardShort Boxed Beard- One of the most popular beards and probably the first beard any man will grow, the short boxed beard has minimal maintenance for a stylish look. It is the perfect road to take if you don’t want it as short as the 5 o’clock shadow but not as long as full on beast mode. You can practice cutting in the neckline and cheeks before taking on anything more adventurous. Another great reason why the Short Boxed Beard is popular is because it relies on your beard’s natural shape and it can complement any face, so no matter what shape or size the beard will suit you which is of great importance. It is entirely up to you how long you grow your beard but this versatile style looks great as stubble, medium and long length.

HollywoodianHollywoodian- A beard with integrated mustache that is worn on the lower part of the chin and jaw area, without connecting sideburns (Wikipedia). The Hollywoodian beard style is similar to a Short Boxed Beard only that the beard and sideburns are not connected and the facial hair at the jaw line is longer. Some people say it is just an extended goatee giving your face a broader look. It was a very popular beard back in the day with Hollywood move stars hence the name. Most recently you could have seen Zac Efron and Mark Pellegrino sporting this beard showing that it suits any age group making this particular beard just as versatile as the Short Boxed Beard. Please note this isn’t a beard just for famous people, it is for you as well!


Goatee- The term goatee was used to describe a tuft of hair on the chin as that on the chin of a goat. There is a similarity with a Goatee and our next style Van Dyke but to me personally I see a goatee as to being a lot shorter than a Van Dyke, and also a goatee doesn’t include a mustache, not that you can’t have one, we are just being politically correct for a second…. moving on! This beard style was very popular in the 90’s, wrestling fans will remember Stone Cold Steve Austin rocking a Goatee in the WWF as it was known back then. That doesn’t mean it isn’t popular now, you can find recent pictures of celebrities like Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell sporting this timeless piece, showing the Goatee still has a place.

Van DykeVan Dyke- All though our picture shows the Van Dyke style beard to be basically a Goatee but bigger and with a mustache, the Van Dyke is usually a more pointed goatee. You can start this style from day one stubble shaving the cheeks leaving your chin whiskers and mustache intact. As your chin Goatee grows longer, you need to use your beard trimmer to carefully trim it into a pointed shape. This is not easy so make sure you take your time and do not trim too much off, if you do you can use style wax or beard oil to shape the tip to hide any minor mistake. The most popular celebrities who sport this style regularly is Johnny Depp and Micky Rourke, personally I would say it suits men over 40 but I am sure some people could prove us wrong!

Old Dutch

Old Dutch- In layman’s terms it’s a full beard worn square without the mustache, this particular beard is meant to be old school and very much like a masculine lumberjack style and the most famous person to ever rock this was Abraham Lincoln. All though this is now a very modern and popular beard style amongst all ages of men. You can achieve this style by letting your Short Boxed Beard grow out, shaving off the mustache and cutting in your neckline and cheeks.


Soul PatchSoul Patch- A small patch of facial hair just below the lip and above the chin, originated back in the 1950’s jazz scene with African American’s. Trumpeters in particular sported the soul patch as they found comfort when using a trumpet mouthpiece. This stylish number has held its own throughout the decades, Billy Bob Thornton likes a soul patch as does Kevin Costner and football fans will remember  Barcelona star David Villa loved to sport this little number. The Soul Patch isn’t doesn’t suit everyone, so make sure you get some advise off friends and family before committing to it, otherwise you will just end up back to square one.


Mutton ChopsMutton Chops- Are patches of facial hair that extend from the hairline to below the ears but stop before the chin. Mutton Chops also known as sideburns get their name from a 19th century United States Senator called Ambrose Burnside. His distinctive style of facial hair became known as sideburns, derived from his last name. The most iconic person to ‘ROCK’ Mutton Chops was the one and only Elvis Presley so they must be cool! All though not as popular as other beard styles, Mutton Chops remain a popular and dramatic style. You would be making some statement if you were to grow these sideburns, but make sure you keep them trimmed to avoid an untidy look.

ZappaThe Zappa- Originated with 1940’s born musician Frank Zappa is a thick mustache with a large square off soul patch. This style is popular with bikers and rockers and Motley Crue star Tommy Lee can often be seen rocking out with this style. This is one cool beard and pulled off right, this style can really rock for you! For a good-looking Zappa trim your beard to around 3-5mm, trim the outline of your mustache so that it extends down towards your chin by about 5cm and is about 2.5cm wide. We suggest leaving a 2cm gap between your Soul Patch and mustache making the width of the soul patch 3-5cm and 2-3cm in length. A Zappa is nice and full, so really let the style grow in don’t be afraid to try different lengths to what we suggest.

KlingonKlingon- Is a full beard but with a mustache, and get’s its name from the Klingon race in Star Trek. The Klingon is usually 4-6 weeks worth of growth, then you shave the mutache off, leaving the hair at the side of the mouth area. I can’t think of a famous person who has used the is beard style as it has a very unique target audience, but if you do go for this.. Live long and prosper.. I will get my coat, beam me up Scotty!


BalboBalbo- Originates from Italian fascist Italo Balbo who was born in 1896 and is one cool beard! Nothing shows how bold, stylish and self-confident you are like the Balbo. This beard style is made up of three-parts, including a mustache, soul patch, and a beard that stops before it reaches your sideburns. When Ironman and Batman are rocking this on a regular basis then you know it’s cool! Robert Downey Jr and Christian Bale have been sporting this look for numerous years and it isn’t going away any time soon. To achieve this greatness simply shape a 2-3cm soul patch creating an upside down letter ‘T’ curving outwards. Then depending on desired length or how wide you chin is you should aim for a beard around 6-8cm wide. Shaving the side burns, neckline and cheeks will give a more prominent look.

If you have any of the beard styles below and wish to show it off, please email us today with a picture to be added to our Beard Gallery. You may also send over how you maintain your look so others can benefit from it, or simply leave a comment on any of the beard styles.