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Steven Evans


Next up on the Groom Your Beard Q and A is 46-year-old family man from Birmingham, Steve Evans. We have the usual take on our Q and A’s to find out a bit about Steve but what is more intriguing is the products he uses to keep his beard in tip-top shape. I hope you enjoy the read as much as we did! (more…)

Mark Snyder


Next up on the Groom Your Beard Q and A is our bearded brother from across the pond from London… Oh wait? Sorry, I mean London based American Mark Snyder! We talk about a lot of things including his love for music & DJing, and of course his beard.. There is also an depth look at some new products we haven’t yet featured in our Q and A’s giving you more variety and food for thought. (more…)

Will Law


Today Groom Your Beard had the privilege of holding a Q and A with bearded Scouser Will Law. We talked about his inspiration for growing a beard in the first place and his steps into a modelling career and how his healthy life style includes his beard and treating it to some great products. (more…)

Gentleman’s Beard Balm


Next up on the Groom Your Beard Product Review is California-based company Gentleman’s Beard Balm. We take a look at their Lumberjack scented beard balm and mustache wax. They are made with all natural ingredients great for maintaining a stylish and soft beard or mustache. You can find out what ingredients go into making these great little numbers tick below followed by our own honest Groom You Beard verdict to give you guys an idea of what they are all about. (more…)



BeardMakers is a new Canadian beard care company currently offering 3 scents of oil and balm. BeardMakers beard oils contain the highest quality oils available. Almond oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil are all included in our current mix. These oils help both hair and skin, conditioning and helping prevent split ends, while keeping skin itch free and clear from breakouts. BeardMakers beard oils can also double as a pre-shave oil to give you a cleaner, smoother shave. Currently offering 1oz bottles for $18.


GIBS Grooming


GIBS Grooming Product Review.

We take a look at GIBS Grooming and their awesome collection of beard products. Including their three Beard Oils Bush Master, Voodoo Prince, and Man Scaper. Their amazing Black Cognac balm and also the ever so fresh Sharp Dressed Mane Shaving Gel. You can find a little background on each product followed by a Groom Your Beard verdict to give you that ever so important consumer point of view. (more…)