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Jonathan Ryding


Next up on the Q and A is a real life Popeye, Royal Navy LH Mine Warfare Specialist Jonathan Ryding. I have personally known Jonathan for a number of years and he was one of the first people to inspire me to grow my own, and I am pretty sure you can see why with his momentous, man point overload, fresh water stream locating beard! This guys wood chopping capabilities are at their peak and I am pretty sure his nautical skills are second to none (see what I did there). (more…)

Trevor Brown


Next on the Q and A is the beard wielding, Mariner Jack ambassador Trevor Brown (Twitter- @dirkdiddler). We talk about peoples perception of growing a beard as lazy, and how he has changed people’s point of view with his tremendous ever growing beard. With some great tips on how achieve a great beard along with products he uses, we are sure you will benefit from Trevor’s insight. (more…)

Rik Carlile


Next up on the Q and A is Rik Carlile, we talk about beards for a change and why he chose to grow a beard, and the reason is quite a good one! He also gives a great in-depth description on beard trimmers, oils, balms, combs and waxes to give you more of a variety in choosing the perfect products for yourself. (more…)