Grow a Beard




As you probably know it takes time and dedication to grow a beard. Are you a beginner and growing a beard for the first time? Here are some easy to follow steps to put you on the right path.

Put the razor down and let it grow- Shocked? I didn’t think so but this is the first step that can be a stumbling block for many. Ideally you need to let it grow for four weeks then you can shape it to any style of your liking. I have known people to give up after a week or two but if you get through the first stage it will be beneficial. A lot of people complain of itchiness and rashes (all though uncommon) which ultimately resulted in them shaving. STOP! put the razor down, the itchiness does stop after time and will never comes back! Also however untidy it looks DO NOT reach for the razor, be strong, be a man and persevere! Understandably people may have a job which requires them to be face to face with their customer. You can use moisturiser, beard oil and even shampoo and conditioner to help with the itching and also soften the beard it look less untidy. Try to avoid products that have alcohol in them as this can dry skin out causing irritation. Take a look at the links on our site for approved products and grooming kits from reputable websites.

be strong, be a man and persevere

Shape your beard- We mentioned it briefly above but picking a style can be a difficult time for us men! There are plenty in our gallery to chose from but if you are unsure at first, I wouldn’t commit to something to extravagant. One thing you can do regardless is cutting you beard in around the neckline. A decent barber can tell you the right place to cut in but in laymans terms you want it were your chin meets your neck. Also don’t forget to shape your upper cheeks and also use scissors to cut around your mouth area. This is all I personally do and it looks so much better. What ever you do make sure you don’t cut to much off because once it’s gone you have to start again! This is why we recommend you do not touching your beard for at least four weeks because as men being men can get carried away.

stop put the razor down

Maintain your beard- Now you have your fresh looking beard its time to make sure you maintain it as you grow it to your desired length. Invest in some beard grooming products including grooming kits and a beard trimmer. Yes that’s right a beard trimmer, just like a women trying to grow their hair they get a trim to keep the hair growing evenly (sorry about mentioning women on our man page) It is the same for your beard. Depending on how quickly your beard grows you want to go over it every so often just to make it look neat and tidy, unless you are going BEAST MODE!

invest in grooming products

Love your beard- Hopefully by now you have the beard you have always wanted and you are walking around with endless man points sitting proudly on your face. All those months of hard work have paid off. Your wood chopping capabilities have dramatically improved, women are flocking at you left, right and centre and you automatically know were the nearest fresh water stream is. Joking aside make sure you enjoy having your beard, tell others of your tale and at the end of the day it’s yours and you should be proud!

grow beard, love beard, love cave